It’s Deja Vu All Over Again – Stimulus Yet Again


This was a campaign speech and it was the same old, same old.

The State of the Union began with hoots and howls that sounded like canned background noise from a grade B movie. All I know is he’s going to spend $450 billion of someone’s money, probably China’s.

Over and over (and over), the President said the jobs bill should be passed right away. I mean, like, over and over. It was like brainwashing. No, I take it back, it WAS brainwashing. Pass this jobs bill, he said. It’s a new crisis from the Obama administration. The standing ovations were endless.

It’s not a Stimulus, it’s an American Jobs Act.

The President who sends or forces jobs to China is claiming that a rail system and an infrastructure “investment” will keep jobs from China. Obama says this as Immelt, his main man, is taking our jet technology to China.

Our schools are falling apart but we can give the American people great schools if we act now. The jobs act will repair and modernize schools and it will happen right now (in other words, shovel ready)

He’s going to cut the red tape by putting more government in charge of the entire process. He should put Biden in charge again since he did such a great job with the Stimulus.

Veterans won’t have to fight for jobs when they come home. Disadvantaged youths will have summer jobs next year. Poor parents will have jobs. There will be a $4000 tax credit if employers hire new employees (of course, it will cost the employers many thousands more to keep them and give them benefits).

There will be tax credits for hiring people, raising salaries… We’ll see on that. He talked about middle class tax cuts. He will find the money somewhere.

Unemployment insurance will be extended for another year. That’s been a loser so far.

He’s going to save trillions and it’s a balanced plan with modest adjustments to medicare and medicaid and asking the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share (the top 50% pay 96.3% now, maybe we should expand our tax base instead). The plan will be in writing next week.

He quoted Warren Buffet again who claims he wants to pay more taxes. Meanwhile, Buffet is fighting the government to NOT pay his taxes. Buffet pays less than his secretary because he withheld a billion dollars of tax money from the government. GE, the government’s favorite corporation, didn’t pay diddly squat.

The jobs bill will put teachers back to work (temporarily).

Oil company and class warfare were all on the plate.

He’s going to help homeowners remortgage their homes. Let’s see, where will that money come from? Oh, I know, our DANG BURN TAX MONEY.

He’s going to make it easier for Americans to sell products abroad. How about here??? Why not let Gibson sell their guitars since they are a U.S. company and their wood was bought legally?

He is forming job councils. Immelt, CEO of GE, is one of the big shots on his current jobs council. You know, that’s the Immelt who doesn’t pay taxes in the U.S.

Obama's advisors. I think Immelt is the one on the left

He’s going to make sure our trading partners play by the rules. Won’t that require him to get out of bed with Hu Jintao? I don’t think that will happen. How is he going to make sure of that? Is Obamadini going to hypnotize them into buying products for four times the price. He’s going to do this while he raises capital gains taxes he says.

He’s going to work with us on wasteful spending. There are rules and regulations that are problematic. He ordered a review and over 500 reforms, which is a small fraction of the rules he has put in over the past three years, but it’s better than not. No details were shared.

He won’t allow protections to be wiped out. Yeah, great, I’m glad he’s protecting us from Gibson Guitars.

Obama loves collective bargaining. Of course he does. Collective bargaining is the forced withdrawal of union dues so the union can give Obama’s campaign hundreds of millions of dollars.

If his policies were so good, why haven’t they worked? 

Where were the details? I heard none?

To his entire speech, I say, horse feathers!