It’s Good Obama Gave Iran Billions, They’re Frenemies With Al Qaeda


Iran and al Qaeda are good frenemies as it turns out and Obama knew. He knew of the cooperation between them when he gave them billions.  It was revealed in the bin Laden cache Obama kept hidden during his presidency. Read the story at The Weekly Standard. Obama is a traitor.

Obama paid off the Iranians and made the worst deal in history, a nuclear deal which allows them to continue developing their nuclear program and build missiles that will one day reach the USA.

He gave them at least $1.7 billion in fluid currency and gold which allows them to fund terrorism. Obama also opened them up to trade with the world, enriching them beyond belief.

Actually, many reports say Obama was responsible for enriching them by the tens of billions. He even gave them money reserved for the victims of Iran’s terror overseas.

All this was done while Obama knew Iran was helping al Qaeda.

Iran just pushed the Lebanese Prime Minister out of office. Iran is gaining hegemony in the area and we can thank Obama for that. Keep in mind that Iran is the leading sponsor of terrorism in the world.

Obama called Iran a “tiny country” and they were tiny and insignificant. Now, thanks to him, they are major players, soon to be a nuclear nation.

They appreciate what Obama did. Today they marched holding a “Trump coffin” chanting “Down with America”.

Obama’s a traitor. How much evidence do you need?

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