It’s Real Clear Why California Is Done For



Moonbeam Jerry Brown

NBC News’ political correspondent and Democratic operative, Chuck Todd, who is married to a Democratic political operative, attempted to counteract Carly Fiorina’s comments about the California drought with meaningless invective on Meet the Press.

Todd said that climate change has made the drought and wildfires in California worse. Carly answered by saying liberal politicians’ policies have made it worse. “For forty years, as the population grew, seventy percent of the rainfall has washed out to sea. That’s pretty dumb when you know you’re going to have droughts every single year or every three years, let’s say.” They need dams and reservoirs. They need water conveyance systems.

Jerry Brown was asked prior to the interview what he thought of her theory which she has repeated several times. “I’ve never heard of such utter ignorance. Uh, building a dam won’t do a damn thing about fires or climate change or the absence of moisture in the ground and vegetation in California so I think these people if they wanna run for president better do kind of 8th grade science before they make any more utterances.”

How utterly lacking in common sense he is. Should we give up on all dams, reservoirs and water conveyance systems then? California is in the hands of environmentalists who would have us go back in time and stop progressing.

Carly Fiorina

Fiorina stated the obvious. “It would be helpful to firefighters to have more water” and it would be “helpful to agriculture and everything else to have water saved in the good years so you can use it in the bad years”.

“There is no denying politicians have made this problem immeasurably worse,” she concluded.

This brief exchange is well worth listening to.

The left has come out today to say Carly’s theory is ridiculous. It’s only 50% of the water flowing into the sea and filling up the nearly empty reservoirs would have added only 1% to the water supplies because there is no snow up in the mountains. It’s strictly about the weather patterns for them.

They also believe they need to save that unnecessary and teeny little Delta smelt.

California farm groups agree with Fiorina, tracing their woes to 1992 federal legislation meant to protect endangered species and landscapes that permanently reduced their water allocation. Since then, lawsuits have further eroded farmer water rights, they say, slowly turning off the tap in the name of environmental goals that may or may not be met, a Bloomberg News article reported.

Jerry Brown had something to say about the email scandal that was equally unenlightening.

While on Meet the Press, Jerry Brown was asked by Chuck Todd about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and became very literary – in a bad way. Todd fell all over himself telling him he “was prescient” and he “was right.”

Brown told Chuck Todd that Hillary’s ongoing email scandal is “just an utterance in digital form” but it seems to be full of “dark energy. “It’s almost like a vampire. She’s gonna have to find a stake and put it through the heart of these emails, in some way.”

Maybe he’s right.


To be serious, it’s hard for Hillary to do since she compromised national security and then continually lied about it in her digital and verbal “utterances.”

Any emails Hillary received from spy agencies are automatically classified and all State Department personnel including Hillary are trained in how they must be handled, but Brown didn’t say that, “prescient” as he is.



  1. I seem to remember some talk about dividing California up into provinces? Is everything that they’re doing to the state leading toward that?

  2. How many miles of costal water are there in California. Spend the money as desalinazation plants and get all the clean drinking and farming water they will ever need. Problem solved.

  3. WTF……..They haven’t the $$$ to build the desalinization plants…’s all going to the illegal invaders and libs who hold office.

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