It’s So Sad! Biden gets creepy with a kid’s friendship bracelet for Barack


Joe Biden’s getting embarrassing again!

Former President Barack Obama has not endorsed Joe Biden as the Democratic presidential primary candidate, but Joe Biden wanted you to know they are still best buddies on Best Friends Day.

Creepy, sleepy Joe Biden, who frequently makes mention of his eight years as Mr. Obama’s vice president while on the campaign trail, posted a photo Saturday of a friendship bracelet with the names “Joe” and “Barack” for National Best Friends Day.

He is so obvious!

Biden is like that embarrassing uncle you have to invite to the family holiday parties but cringe when he says the next crazy thing.

The Daily Mail’s David Martosko commented on the fact it would be better if an 11-year old did it.

He still can’t get Barack’s endorsement so he’s doing the next best thing — he’s pretending he has it. Biden is doing it like a little girl might and he has done it before.

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