Jackie Spier Thinks Speaker Pelosi’s Warming to Impeachment


Speaker Nancy Pelosi failed at her fishing expedition so she’s moving on to Trump’s finances. She wants more investigations. Surely Democrats have lost their collective minds.


According to CNN correspondent Manu Raju, Pelosi is open to impeachment if the members believe they must proceed. Did she watch the same hearings we watched? Is she going to call the befuddled Robert Mueller as a witness?

Mueller didn’t come off as leading a fair investigation. He hates the President and his investigators hate Trump.

Mueller’s performance was terrible. Mueller got paid for doing nothing. He didn’t draft the report, didn’t sit in on interviews, didn’t draft the letter to the AG, didn’t write his statement at the presser.

We don’t think Pelosi will okay impeachment, but she will continue her witch hunt.

She gave a press conference tonight and she touted the success of those pathetic hearings. Raju asked Pelosi about her previous concerns that Senate Republicans wouldn’t go along with convicting Trump if the House impeaches, and she shot back, “I have never long said that … The stronger our case is, the worse the Senate will look for just letting the president off the hook.”

He wonders if that’s a shift towards impeachment.

We don’t think so. She’s just playing everyone.

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