Jake Tapper Blasts Fox News for Harassment But Forgets CNN is Facing a Massive Racial Discrimination Suit


Sanctimonious Jake Tapper who only seems to find the failings of the right was very harsh in tweeting a comment referencing Bill O’Reilly’s departure. Somehow he failed to mention the whopper of a lawsuit CNN is facing. They would have you believe the only station with problems of racism or sexism or whatever, is Fox News.

CNN has been blasting Fox, Bill O’Reilly and others like Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld for allegedly crude jokes. Alisyn Camerota gave Brian Stelter an interview in which the former Fox anchor claimed Roger Ailes sexually harassed her, which may or may not be true.

She was at the Fox News station for 17 years without complaint. She would not have had a career otherwise because she wasn’t one of the more talented anchors on the network.

CNN never seems to remember the BIG class action racism lawsuit against them. The suit began last year and new plaintiffs are being added as we speak.

Hollywood Reporter Senior Editor Eriq Gardner noted in a column that the class action suit filed against CNN in federal court last year — by two plaintiffs who allege widespread discriminatory practices at the network, including alleged pay differences and fewer advancement opportunities for African-American employees — could soon see an amendment filed by the plaintiffs that would allow other current and former employees to join the suit.

The plaintiffs say they received poor performance reviews because they are African-American and superiors used racial slurs, including “who would be worth more: black slaves from times past or new slaves?”


They now have up to 200 additional employees with claims of racial discrimination. So far 175 have signed on.

There is another racial discrimination suit against CNN filed by former producer Stanley Wilson in 2014. The 17-year employee says he was fired due to discrimination.

There are 13 people also suing Fox News for racial discrimination.

I’ll see your 13 and raise you 200 CNN!

“When a network sends a clear message that African-Americans are basically subhuman, vile behavior thrives…” Just sayin’.

CNN also lost a fake news lawsuit in February. A CEO at St. Mary’s Medical Center lost his job and couldn’t find another after CNN put out fake statistics about infant mortality at the Center.
We can’t make any judgements about the validity of any of the lawsuits but we do believe that if CNN is going to vilify Fox News, they should also vilify themselves.


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