James Woods Addresses His Ban on Twitter & We Should All Be Afraid


James Woods was locked out of his Twitter account, he said, “because I posted a sarcastic remark about Democrats.”

That was shared by his friend Kaya Jones, a former member of the Pussycat Dolls and fellow conservative. She asked his permission to share it and he agreed.

“From Mr. woods himself. With his permission, I asked him if I could share with you all as I know how much you all adore him,” Jones tweeted.

The tweet in question was posted in July and they just got around to locking him out, he said, commenting on the non-stop purge of conservatives on social media. He called the muzzling a “cancer”.

The good news he guessed is that ultra liberals like @Jack Dorsey will soon reach their nirvana. The bad news for them is they will be next.

We do take exception only to James Woods kind characterization of today’s Democrats.

People like Jack Dorsey who have expressed a desire to see a civil war that destroys Republicans are not ultra liberals. They are hard-left.

Dr. Ben Carson was recently mocked for referencing the rise in socialism as stemming from the Fabians. The Fabians held to the belief that they could rule permanently in their utopian socialist world if they seized control of education, the media, and the judicial system.

It’s coincidental then that it is what is happening? Americans should be very afraid.


  1. As I don’t use Twitter at all, I’m not really able to react to this. However, conservatives with large followings should launch similar complaints against offensive liberals creating either a mass ban of everyone or a documented case against Twitter for discrimination. Being a private company doesn’t protect them from treating people different based on political affiliation. There is too much evidence that this is targeted against conservatives to ignore. isn’t it time conservatives started using the legal system the way the libs do?

  2. The only possible way that Fabians can get control of America is if our citizens become fat and lazy because of gross stupidity. Corpulent in all ways of thinking and acting. Oh my God that describes almost all democrats and rino republicans. I guess we better grab our azzes because we are in for a wild ride into the abyss of socialism.

  3. Most people have no idea what the Fabian Society is or the history or it’s goals! It’s interesting to me that the historical party of slavery (Democrats) started calling themselves progressives at the time of the founding of the Fabian Society. Literature has become the enemy of the people of the world because of the Fabian Society influence. IF you disagree just think about what is happening in our schools.

    Another point of interest: Tony Blair is a Fabian and is best friends with George Bush.

  4. Jack Dorsey and the rest of his ilk should be fined and their companies broken up. Google, Facebook all of them need a taste of their own medicine!

  5. The Fabians mentioned in this article are discussed at length in Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing and Handbook for American Conservatives. [Amazon Kindle] The Fabians infiltrated American society.

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