James Woods: Dems “Can’t Wait to Get Their Greasy Hands” on Your $$$


Actor James Woods nailed it again with some wry humor. He tweeted: “Democrats eye 5 tax hikes on income, energy, guns, death.” They can’t wait to get their greasy hands into your pockets. The tweet links to a Washington Examiner article listing some of the taxes they hope to levy on Americans. They run on taxes, regulations, impeachment, and fake healthcare and climate hysteria.

Nancy Pelosi feels it worked and it’s 100 percent certain Democrats will take the House.

They want to raise our taxes:
  • Democrats want to raise the top personal income tax rate to 39.6 percent.
  • They want a 30 percent corporate tax hike.
  • A death tax hike is in the works.
  • A national carbon tax is on the agenda.


Two hours ago, Jake Tapper said a Democratic House could mean impeachment for Donald Trump.

It sounds like he’s licking his chops.

“The future of the Trump presidency could hang in the balance. A Democratic House will definitely mean oversight and investigation of the Trump administration and it could possibly even mean impeachment of President Trump.”

In his dreams. In no way is that a given. For one thing, the President hasn’t done anything to warrant it. For another, the Democrats will make life miserable, and come up with horrendous policy ideas. They could end up losing big in 2020 even if they win the House.

CNN are the same people who don’t know where Indiana and Kentucky are on the map. Their world revolves around New York and California.


Gasbag Adam Schiff said renewing the Russia probe is a top priority.

Corrupt Maxine Waters wants to get even with Wall Street. As a socialist in charge of the country’s finances — should Democrats win the House — she will be able to do it.

It’s insane.

Here’s two of today’s Democrats. It’s pathetic.

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5 years ago

If Alec Baldwin can have a TV show why can’t James Woods have a TV show?

dave Jensen
dave Jensen
5 years ago

I thank the Lord that my parents did not live to see what happened to their country. The best we can hope for is stalemate. There will be no more progress. If the Reps had worked with Trump they could have done so much. Instead most (not all) opposed him on almost everything and it is probably the reason many of them lost.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Madness continues non-stop, an agenda to destroy America and turn us into a destitute Socialist country.