James Woods Exposes “Noisy [NY Times Hating] Little Racist” Sarah Jeong


The New York Times put a racist, anti-cop, anti-man, anti-NY Times hater on their editorial board. She says her tweets, dating back years, were jokes or counter-trolling, but that’s not true. Counter-trolling is directed at the specific troll, not an entire race of people. As far her joking, James Woods put that to rest with his exposé tweets below.

Apparently you are allowed to demean an entire race of people, an entire gender, and all law enforcement if you call it trolling and joking.


Actor James Woods found this next clip. Does it sound like she’s kidding to you? And for those who say you can’t be racist against a Caucasian, tell that to the South African white farmers. She says “so many things suck” because everything revolves around how “white men see the world.”

James Woods wrote in one tweet linked to this clip, “This is why so many things suck.” This is a future editor of the lecturing at Harvard Law School. What happened to these once-revered institutions? Honestly this is like watching a Hollywood sitcom. One almost expects to hear a canned laugh track.

Sarah Jeong is the New Left, the New Democrat Party member. She reflects the views of the media and the NY Times that hired her. They definitely should keep her. She is them and they are her.


It seems the “noisy little racist”, as James Woods called her, bit the hand that fed her. He calls it “high comedy”. The actor linked his comment to a Breitbart article written by Allum Bokhari, their senior technology correspondent. He did the research and found that she appears to hate the NY Times and a slew of their writers. This is too funny and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving fake news outlet.

The New York Times went to great lengths to defend her and stand by her, but she has been sending anti-NY Times, anti-Times writer tweets at least since 2013.

They want to keep her after her vile anti-white tweets were exposed. They want to keep her after the anti-police, anti-man tweets were retweeted. Yet, back in February, The Times fired tech writer Quinn Norton just hours after hiring her after they found that she had derogatory tweets about black and gay people.

Will they want to keep her after she trashed them and their popular columnists? What will Paul Krugman, Tom Friedman, David Brooks, Nicholas Kristof say?



She wrote in 2013, “After a bad day, some people come home and kick the furniture. I get on the internet and make fun of the New York Times.”

Again in 2013: “Yeah and I don’t think people should publish Thomas Friedman or Nick Kristof or David Brooks. Columns: meh.”

2013: “My prof ripped into Nick Kristof today. It ruled.” and another in 2013: “Notajoke: I’m being forced to read Nicholas Kristof. This is the worst.”

She really, really doesn’t like Kristof, nor does she like Tom Friedman.

She wrote: “I don’t feel safe in a country that is led by someone who takes Thomas Friedman seriously”

In August, 2013, she tweeted: “Mind you, if I had a bajillion dollars, I’d buy the New York Times, just for the pleasure of firing Tom Friedman.”

Again, 2013: “A just god would not allow Tom Friedman to keep talking.”

In the same year, she writes: “I have wept and I have prayed, I have prayed and I have wept, and Tom Friedman is somehow allowed to keep talking”. In another tweet that year, “Hannah Rosin shatters ceiling by proving women writers can be as hackish as Tom Friedman, too”.

2014, “Guys, what drugs do you think Paul Krugman does?”

In 2014, she agreed with Jillian somebody who wrote, “Hell, get rid of Dowd, Douthat, and Brooks too. Cohen and Blow can stay.” Then she added: “@jilliancyork Lose Kristof too pleeeease”

In 2015, she ripped into David Brooks again: “i love how david brooks somehow managed to be infuriatingly bourgeois AND unbearably scoldy high brow about other people being bourgeois”

Oh so bourgeois for the modern commie.

“NYT Opinion = Thought catalogue for baby boomers,” she wrote in 2015.

In 2017, she wrote, “You know what IS good? That someone is FINALLY suing the New York Times for libel.”

2017: “David Brooks wrote a very bad column and the world is again in balance”

Woods didn’t let a snide Washington Post off the hook either. After they tweeted the headline, “An Asian American woman’s tweets ignite a debate: Is it okay to make fun of white people online?”, he responded, “How do your editors discuss headlines like this with a straight face?

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