James Woods Has the Last Word About Babies Ripped from Their Mothers


Democrats are ranting and marching, claiming babies are being ripped from their mother’s arms. They are talking about migrants coming into the country illegally.

The illegal aliens brought their children on the dangerous journey with criminals, but that isn’t the problem. Foreigners are sending their children alone with criminals, giving their little girls Plan B and birth control since they know they will likely be raped. That also isn’t the problem for Democrats and their media. The problem for them is the separation of children at the border when their criminal parents are imprisoned.

The policy has been stopped but that hasn’t stopped the complaints.

They are demagoguing the situation. All children are separated from their parents when they go to jail. Barack Obama did the same thing.

“I cannot think of an act that is more cruel [sic] and more inhumane than to rip the child from the arms of the mother,” said Democrat and open borders activist Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez.

If you perform a search on google, you get the fake talking points:

Kamala Harris said that “There is no law that requires ripping these babies from their families. The president should pick up the phone and end this human rights abuse right now.”

One thinks of Nazi concentration camps thanks to their verbiage and that is what the left wants you to envision. Actor James Woods issued the final statement on it with a retweet of babies truly being ripped from their mothers. It’s a photo of tiny babies being aborted and thrown in a dumpster.

Is that who we are now?

Look at the photo Woods cc’d to Kamala if you dare:

It’s useless getting through to the stalwart leftists in the Democrat Party, but what about you? Should there be some restrictions of abortion? Right now, Roe v. Wade allows abortion until the moment of birth for any reason. It is something to think about.


  1. This whole debacle is nothing more then a political scam and a manufactured crisis. I hear no outrage about the thousands of lives lost due to these illegal immigrants or the millions of unborn innocent murdered by abortion. these democrats are nothing more then double talking hypocrits.

  2. All a side show by hypocrites of the Socialist Party who know full well Obama’s Administration “ripped away” thousands of babies while they complicitly stayed silent. This whole sharade removed Trump good press and the IG revelations of a corrupt Obama administration spying on the Republican Party from even conservative news sites. Not well thought out because it revealed who they really are, lines are clear and there is no pulling back the curtain to hide how anti law, anti American the Democratic Party has become.

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