James Woods Humiliates Evil Counselor Celebrating Trump Tower Fire


Tolerant leftists, crazy celebrities, and slews of nobodies took to social media this weekend to celebrate the fire at Trump Tower. One man, in particular, stood out because he’s a mental health professional. The man — remember this name, Jeffrey Guterman — is a stand out for overall meanness.

Guterman wasn’t alone but he was really crazy and, sadly, he has 203,000 followers. Hundreds liked and shared his evil tweets.

On Saturday, 76-Year old musician, David Crosby wrote on Twitter “oh boy … burn baby burn” while the news was developing of the four-alarm fire at the high rise, which killed 67-year-old art dealer Todd Brassner and injured six firefighters.

Rick Wilson, a regular on MSNBC, was ecstatic.

In addition to a slew of celebrities, many, many nobody liberals rejoiced or used it as an opportunity to bash Trump. They had no cause. In fact, the building is built very well. The New York City Fire Commissioner Nigro said, “it was very confined, the building is very well built, it held up quite well”.

As we said Guterman was a standout.

One Evil Fool Jeffrey Guterman

“Mental health counselor” Jeffrey Guterman got “excited”, according to his tweet, when he heard there was a fire at Trump Tower and was “hoping there is major damage.” He knew at the time that a man had died. In another tweet, he wrote, “I hope the fire rages.” He also told Dana Loesch to “eat my @ss.”

So civil, so tolerant!

James Woods would have none of it and he can speak for me any time. 

Even Yashar Ali called him out.

Left-winger Yashar Ali also blasted him, reminding Guterman of the Democrats who live in the building. The Guterman fool changed his job title from “mental health counselor” to “satirist” on his Twitter profile and then made it private.

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5 years ago

If liberals are being counseled by liberal Mental Health Counselors, it’s no wonder there are so many *lunatics* wondering around.

Go James Woods!

Jim Hawkins
Jim Hawkins
5 years ago

Jeffrey Guterman needs to see a clinical psychologist. He has yet to learn that liberalism is a mental disorder. It breeds hatred of others….much as does radical Islam. To wish harm to others and their property is puerility at its pinnacle. Grow up, Jeffrey Boy!

Kudos to James Woods!