James Woods Points to the Spirit of Independence Day in the Liberals’ Minds


The leftist Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti tweeted for Independence Day: are illegal in the City of Los Angeles and even small ones can cause a lot of damage. This watermelon was completely destroyed by a firework the size of a stick of gum.  This be safe, find a professional show near you:

Whatever happened to ‘Happy Independence Day?’. James Woods responded: So, that looks like so much fun. Nice ad campaign. Really effective… #liberals

The truth is liberals aren’t liberal about much — lawless yes, liberal, not so much. They are fascists when it comes to things they disagree with and they are manipulators and social engineers, plus they take the fun out everything imaginable.

Leftists generally won’t call Independence Day anything but July 4th — seems like that is intentional. The far-left LA Times came out today with this title, The Fourth of July brings some of the year’s worst air pollution. You can thank fireworks.

The left wants to end the practice of fireworks on the 4th of July. At various times, they have done something different. They promoted fireworks on inappropriate holidays like Memorial Day. It appears they want to take away from our Independence Day celebrations.

Among other things, the LA Times wrote: Americans’ fervor for Fourth of July fireworks has some unfortunate side effects. There’s a jump in fires, gruesome injuries and runaway pets spooked by the noise.

They are fun, aren’t they? Behind all this is an effort to change our holidays, thus changing our history and what Americans think is important.

In 2012, Google decided to celebrate July 4th by lauding committed Communist Woody Guthrie and his Marxist song.

Google chose as its July Fourth logo a line from a song by Woody Guthrie, an admitted communist radical and a long time apologist for Stalin who used to write for the Daily Worker.

In fact, the song in question was Guthrie’s response to Irving Berlin’s ‘God Bless America’, a song he hated. “This Land Is Your Land”, written in 1940 is essentially a Marxist oriented protest song, if you look at the entire lyric instead of what’s usually sung.

Here’s one stanza:

As I went walking, I saw a sign there,
And on the sign there, It said “Private Property”
But on the other side, it didn’t say nothing!
That side was made for you and me.

This year, they did say ‘Happy 4th’ with a silly icon of the Statue of Liberty. The leftists think the Statue of Liberty is welcoming welfare recipients, criminals and miscreants to the U.S.

It happens to be the 4th of July but it’s really Independence Day, the day when we shoot off fireworks. Don’t let the leftists ruin it.

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5 years ago

What is remarkable these days is how the left and their utopian ideals compare with the mullah’s regime in Iran.

In Iran these things are verboten by the theocratic regime of the mullahs: Music, dancing, smoking, alcohol, partying, night clubs, removing head covering in public by women and missing the required 5x prayers daily.

Since resident Trump has revoked the Iran deal the citizens in Iran have sprung into actions not only thanking president Trump but also the American people because that revocation gives them an opportunity to finally break free.

Reading the many twitter feeds the citizens of Iran are thanking us for our support. Reminding us about the 2009 Green Revolution and the Obama’s refusal to support them was the biggest disappointment to them. Unbeknownst at the time was the fact that back then in 2009 Valerie Jarrett was already in the process and in secret negotiating the Iran deal. She acted as the rep of the US and capacity of a diplomat. Naturally it came natural to her since she was born there and supported this theocratic regime praising her islam faith.

The left pretty much act like the oppressors in Iran and have managed to roll back a number of traditional celebrations such as the fireworks, displays during Christmas time or using the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’, prayers and faith in schools or otherwise on public property. Who can forget the demand to remove the ’10 Commandments’ in Alabama displayed outside the court house. The judge during that time was threatened with prison if he continued to refuse to remove the display which btw was really a really beautiful display edged in stone. None other than conservative judge Roy Moore. There are other tradition the left managed to do away with ergo they have a lot in common with the mullahs in Iran and other dictators.

Yet – they project fascism on everyone refusing to conform to their ideology forgetting that over 200 million people across the world are dead as a result of that utopian ideology. It failed time and time again and yet here we are and its 2018.

5 years ago

Orange County Register ran a piece about how fireworks cause air pollution. I set them straight (and expect the usual hateful replies). Flash powder is a mixture of potassium chlorate and aluminum powder. When it explodes the white smoke you see is just potassium chloride (edible salt) and aluminum oxide (non-toxic).

herbert richmond
herbert richmond
5 years ago

They want a fantasy-“Utopia” durable peace, human equality and total control of the environment that will only eliminate human freedom.