James Woods Puts the Most Awful Gavin Newsom In His Place


Democrat California gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newson said in an interview released Tuesday that, as governor, he would grant universal health care to illegal aliens through an executive order.

The illegals probably vote in California. If not, too many families live with people here illegally.

Newsom told Pod Save America hosts Jon Favreau and Jon Lovett that he was “very proud” of creating the nation’s only universal healthcare plan for illegal immigrants as mayor of San Francisco.

These hacks are a disgrace. He wants to give free healthcare to illegals and encourage more illegals to pour into the country that citizens will have to pay for. Politicians like Newsom are leftist thieves. There is nothing humanitarian about giving away citizens’ money, much less giving it to people from all over the world. It’s insanity.

James Woods blasted him with one line, “Oh, why don’t you just stand by the voting booths and hand out cash? Stop embarrassing yourself”.

What James Woods said!



  1. San Fran is a dark and dismal place. Disgusting in some areas and this idiot is proud of his mayorship? Why don’t all the leftists head for Venezuela and try out their ideas there.

  2. my wife and I vacationed in California , retracing our various duty stations (retired Navy), all had changed dramatically since we’d lived there but San Fran was disgusting. We did all the tourist stuff including the wharf, spent way to much for lunch , had a filthy table to sit at and 5 feet away BUMS digging through trash and demanding money from us. Its a shame what happened to a nice city. It is truly a SHIT HOLE!!

  3. World-wide Universal Healthcare proposed by Sir Gavin Newsom and paid for by the good taxpayers of California. In the name of geographical diversity and Progressive Egalitarianism this should be offered to all peoples everywhere…go California.

  4. let that jackass put up his money for the illegals medical coverage, don’t ask the legal citizens to pay for this bullshit.

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