James Woods Reminds Us That Hillary Said: “Our Goal Is to Strengthen Russia”


The Obama administration, including Hillary Clinton, allowed the Uranium One deal to go through all while knowing about a concurrent Russian bribery/extortion racket. Hillary explained at that time that the administration’s goal was “to strengthen Russia”.

All deals went through, even though the Obama administration knew the Russians were engaged in a bribery scheme with a U.S. Uranium trucking company. The purpose of the scheme was to give Russia control over U.S. energy.


Three months before Bill met with Putin, on March 19, 2010, Hillary met with Putin. She had two objectives. One concerned the nuclear treaty Russia didn’t abide by while we did. We had already given up the defense system in Eastern Europe.

Secondly, and most remarkably, while standing next to Foreign Minister Lavrov, Hillary said, “our goal is to help strengthen Russia”.

Soon thereafter, the Russians were outmaneuvering Clinton and moving military hardware into Syria, working with the Iranians and diplomatically organizing the Middle East while the U.S. sat idly by.

Hillary Clinton as secretary of state did more damage to this nation than any in U.S. history.

Clinton made similar remarks during a 2010 interview with Vladimir Pozner of First Channel Television.


    • Fattening their own bank accounts as well never entered their minds, I’m sure. What, never? No, never!

      Why, they are selfless servants of our great democracy, so having hundreds of millions paid into their bank account by grateful Russian oligarchs was just accidental.