James Woods Sends Out a Blast to Dems In Living Color


Witnesses saw the Democrat ‘protesters’ at the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing being paid and then saw those same people being carted out after screaming and behaving in an unruly, threatening manner. More than 200 people were arrested.

Somehow the media missed the protesters being paid and they failed to describe the vulgarity of the Democrats. James Woods didn’t miss it and he even captioned it.

It’s funny and extremely disgusting at the same time. How do you vote for these Democrats? Look at who they are.

Woods also noted something else the media missed

Democrats keep our borders open so the illegal aliens can influence the balance of power in our nation. They have given blue states 20 congressional seats.

Woods also retweeted the San Fran guide to illegal alien voting. It is issued in English and Arabic. This has been approved for school board elections but it is only the beginning.

It’s no small matter. If they influence the education of the young, they control the future.

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