James Woods Takes On AOC’s Latest Dumb Comment


AOC is really as dumb as she appears to be. In this latest clip, she says, “While [President Trump’s] talking collusion, collusion, collusion, I think, in Oversight, we should be talking about taxes, taxes, taxes, and his bank account, his bank account, his bank account. His financial statements, statements, statements.”

What did the co-founder of Greenpeace Patrick Moore call her, “a pompous little twit?” That sounds about right. The President isn’t talking collusion. Democrats are doing that.

Also, she has no right to any more of his statements than those that the law requires. We’d like to see hers though. She might be a bit shady. Her chief of staff appears to have funneled a million dollars in campaign funds to his own companies.

James Woods is on it. He tweeted: Your fellow idiots were the ones talking “collusion” for two solid years all day, every day. Now that that “big lie” has failed, what are you going to bring up from the well of discontent?



  1. projection projection projection. You commies don’t get to demand records of private enterprises or campaigns outside of legal requirements and if you don’t get them claim there is a cover up at the same time you are covering up a coup; I hope you all get arrested and spend some quality time with bubba and big bertha so your ruminate on your corruption and are lesser more humble people when you emerge from prison with large a h oles

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