James Woods Warns of Mayor Who Wants to Shut Down Fox News, Murdoch


News today of Libertarians being banned from Facebook came at the same time Senator Chris Murphy called for conservative sites to be shut down. This follows the targeting of Alex Jones by almost every social media giant.

“This is seriously getting out of hand,” warns James Woods, referring to the Communist New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio [aka Warren Wilhelm]. He ranted to the Guardian that we would be a more unified country without Fox News and Rupert Murdoch.


De Blasio is truly a Communist and he would gladly censor the right out of existence. We could be unified like 1930s Germany.

“If you could remove News Corp. from the last 25 years of American history, we would be in an entirely different place,” de Blasio told The Guardian last week before he spoke at an event in New Orleans [Netroots Nation], adding that he believes Murdoch is responsible for President Trump‘s election in 2016.

De Blasio said if it weren’t for Murdoch and Fox News, “we would not be suffering a lot of the negativity and divisiveness we’re going through right now.”

The left, including him, his party, most of the media, and their poster child Sarah Jeong are the haters, the divisive ones. De Blasio wants the most-watched news network shut down because they give the President a fair shake.

De Blasio repeated the lie that Trump called the press “the enemy of the people”. The President was talking about the FAKE PRESS.

The jabbering leftist also told the Guardian he was “one part social democracy, one part New Deal, one part liberation theology”. In other words, he’s a Communist.

The leftist promised the next Democrat presidential nominee will be a progressive [Socialist/Communist just to be clear].

If Progressives win, they will silence the right unless we are already silenced by then.

Wikileaks also sent out a warning.


Dem Senator Suggests Conservative Sites to Be Purged to Save the ‘Democracy’

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