Jamie Dimon Says Trump Won’t Make 4 Years If He Had to Bet


Jamie Dimon says he would bet on Donald Trump being a one-term president, not even one full term, CNBC reported.

He advised Democrats to come up with a “pro-free enterprise” agenda for jobs and growth because there will be a new US president in 2021.

Dimon was probably also willing to bet on Trump not being President in the first place.

To meet his caveat, how are the anti-Capitalist Democrats going to come up with a free enterprise agenda we can believe in? Pro-big crony corporation, yes – pro-free anything, no way.

When asked how many years he thought the President would be in office, he said, “If I had to bet, I’d bet three and half.” But the Democrats have to come up with a reasoned able candidate…or Trump will win again” and have a second four-year term.

The 12-term Chase CEO described himself in the past as “barely a Democrat.”

He spoke at The Economic Club of Chicago where he made his remarks.

He got into foreign policy.

Dimon said he doesn’t approve of ever being rude to a neighbor like Mexico. [Too bad they don’t feel the same.]

Political types think pushback is rude.

He’s also concerned about the weakness of globalist Merkel’s government.

The biggest danger to Trump is having his entire agenda foiled by Democrats and traitorous Republicans – McCain, Collins, Corker, Flake, Murkowski and a couple other potentials including Ron Johnson. Rand Paul could also back out though he said he would vote for it and wants the President to succeed.

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