Jane Jamison – Lady Warrior Died One Year Ago Today


Jane Jamison – Uncoverage.net
Caricature by A.F. Branco

According to the law enforcement agency that investigated – along with information from the Vital Records office of the State of California – it was one year ago today (August 27th) that we lost a great warrior in the battle to prevent America from becoming a bastion of socialism.  Her pen name was Jane Jamison and she was the boss lady of a blog called Uncoverage.net.

“JJ” had only been blogging for a three years and I was honored she chose me to be her co-blogger just a little over a year from the time she published her first post.  We worked together as perfectly as any pair could possibly work and it pains me greatly that I wasn’t able to detect the signs of her depressed mental state soon enough to get her help.  She took her own life and died at her California home one year ago.

Even though it has been a year, I break down rather easily just thinking about her.  She called me her “big brother” and it was easy for me to smile and refer to her as my “little sister”.

Thanks to one of her siblings, I’ve been able to better understand the private life she kept so very secret from everyone as she waged written and verbal war on any and all who would destroy her America.

I could easily write a book describing our two-years time together.  She had that kind of impact on my life and my decision to put pen to paper and stand up for the United States of America.  In her last, handwritten letter, she exhorted me to “Fight like Hell for America”.  Despite physical impairments, I shall continue to do so.

Rest In Peace, Little Sister

Jane Jamison TV, Radio & Print Media Reporter