Jason Chaffetz to Step Down Before Comey Hearing


Update: 4:14pm EST: Rep. Chaffetz will leave in June.

Jason Chaffetz, the Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, appears to be ready to step down and leave congress even earlier than originally planned. This could come before James Comey’s testimony next week.

Burnout? Is it tied to the upcoming testimony? Chaffetz became a NeverTrumper after originally supporting the President, though he changed his mind a third time shortly before the election. That’s more on Trump than it is on Chaffetz.

In April, Chaffetz said he was leaving after much thought and “prayerful consideration”. Rep. Chaffetz is a religious Mormon who entered Congress committed to changing government. He even had a bed put in his office because he said he would work tirelessly.

The testimony next week will likely be another hatchet job of Donald Trump. Comey is a political hack and Trump has too many enemies piling up.

The ranking member on the committee is another partisan and far-left hack — Elijah Cummings. He will be brutal.

Trump contributes to his problems at times, almost always because of his imprecise language and shoot-from-the-hip style. Ironically, that’s what got him the job in the first place.

Chaffetz appears to have obtained a position at Fox News, perhaps a significant one, to begin in July. He has been accused of becoming part of the establishment he swore to fight. The Sentinel has no opinion on that.

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