Jason Whitlock’s Perfect Response on Athletes Sitting Out the National Anthem


We are getting more bench sitters during the National Anthem and some are demanding whites sit it out also, suggesting they are racists if they don’t. This is as Colin Kaepernick gets his own spot in the Smithsonian for showing how anti-American he is.

Jason Whitlock had a great response. Where is the descent, he asks? This is the perfect way for the message to get lost. He also talks about the principles of sports.


  1. If I were an NFL owner, or one of their many over paid players, I’d be very worried about this trend. Last year the viewership was down, and if that continues, revenues will drop as well. If they make a sport, already under attack over concussions, a political flashpoint, disgusted fans will lose their enthusiasm. They’ll either stop or reduce how much $ they spend, which will force owners to spend less on salaries. The upside might be rather than taking a knee in a professional stadium, some of the players will be forced to take a real major in college. That way they can get a real job if and when they graduate.

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