Jay Carney Bashes WH Press Corps As Kind Of Worthless





Jay Carney, Paid liar

Jay Carney gave his first interview after resigning as White House press secretary and he used it to bash the White House Press corps that let him lie mostly unchallenged for years. It’s a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

He told the New York Times Magazine on Wednesday that the reporters are melodramatic and he seemed to think they don’t provide a service to the nation.

Actually, that’s true, since the White House doesn’t tell them anything, it’s hard to provide a service.

Carney said, “It can be surreal at the podium when you go down that front row and you have an exchange with one of the reporters in which there’s very emotional — maybe even theatrical — presentation and back and forth, and then you go to the next reporter and you have the same thing, as if the first one didn’t happen at al. You begin to wonder how valuable a service to the nation that is in the end.”

One has to wonder what service Jay Carney provided since he didn’t seem to have a handle on honesty.

Carney was once a member of the press corps but now thinks “the format reinforces a shallow approach.”

He doesn’t know what he is going to do now that he has resigned but he promises he isn’t “going to disappear from view.”

That’s a relief.

Whatever reservations I had about this man being a bad apple have completely vanished.

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Source: Yahoo News