Jay Carney Spinning During May 21 Press Conference


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When Jay Carney has a press conference, he should just send a tape of himself saying I don’t know anything and it’s under investigation. There was nothing said at the May 21st press conference that reporters couldn’t have gotten from a memorandum.

The reporters should have all gotten up and left.

Jay Carney apparently doesn’t know anything and, if he did know anything, he couldn’t say anything anyway because everything is or was under investigation.

Carney hinted that he didn’t deceive anyone when he told the press in mid-May that he knew nothing about the IRS scandal because he only had general information. Also, he couldn’t comment because it would have appeared as if he was imposing himself on an investigation (the IRS audit was not an investigation, it was an audit).

President Obama got all his information from the news. Whatever he knew before that, which he claimed he didn’t know during the prior press conference, was minimal and he would never react in any case because the Treasury (which is an arm of the executive branch) must operate independently.

It must be a coincidence that the IRS chose to target his opponents who won big in the 2010 mid-term election.

Obama doesn’t know anything about the Rosen affair but if he did he’d want to be fair to the press and protect our national security with a balanced approach. He now likes the Shield Act which he once did and didn’t like. [The ‘Shield’ should be the First Amendment]

The president and Jay Carney would have us believe that the White House Chief Counsel, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, and White House aides including the Chief of Staff knew about the audit but did not mention it to the president or Jay nor would he have expected them to. The president and Jay Carney had a general idea of what was going on but only found out when it hit the news.

Carney said they support responsible congressional oversight but the IRS let the Friday deadline pass without providing the Senate Finance Committee with the documents they demanded.

video of the press conference highlights


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