Jay Sekulow: Justice Department Conspired with IRS


LOIS-LERNER-POSSIBLE-FELON_fcc2715e644cb2c37521dc73d07c8d20By Gary Spina and Sara Noble

Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for The American Center for Law and Justice, confirmed today that the Justice Department, in conjunction with the tax exempt office, went on a hunting expedition to find inaccuracies in victims’ statements that would allow the Justice Department to file criminal charges against them.

In light of the fact that Lois Lerner’s emails have been conveniently lost, this takes on added significance. Not only were the emails lost, they are irretrievable . Congress was told over a month ago that they would receive the emails though the administration knew at that time they were “lost”.

The hard drives containing Lois Lerner’s emails were “recycled” and the Congress wasn’t told until enough time passed to make certain they were long gone and irretrievable.

The hard drives are probably well-buried in a landfill.

Six other people on Lerner’s staff, who were involved with the case, also had hard drive crashes.

Jay Sekulow told Martha McCallum of Fox News this morning that one of the emails they did see from Lois Lerner showed her collaborating with the Justice Department to do extensive searches of Tea Party applications for tax exempt status with the goal of finding discrepancies upon which to bring the applicants up on criminal charges. They wanted “to piece together criminal charges for Sekulow’s clients” – the victims of the targeting. They planned to look for false statements they could piece together. The Justice Department told Lerner they wanted to do this.

These people are despicable. If any of the victims made an error, they would have been in danger of arrest, fines, and imprisonment.

Sekulow said he suspended all cooperation with the Justice Department because he now considers them co-conspirators with the IRS.

Jay Sekulow discussing the criminal conspiracy:

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