Jay-Z Is Exploring the Meaning of Life With a Crazy Hate-Mongering Fringe Group



Jay-Z with his Medallion

Jay-Z appeared at the Barclay’s Center with wife Beyoncé last week wearing a large golden pendant representing the Five Percent Nation. He was asked by a reporter if it meant anything to him and he shrugged, “A little bit.”

What is the Five Percent Nation you ask. Wait for it…wait…you’re going to love it when you hear what the Five Percent Nation is all about.

They believe black man is God and created the universe. The black nation are stronger physically, intellectually and morally according to Michael Muhammad Knight, an author of books explaining the crazy group. Whites are weak, wicked and inferior.

The movement has been associated with Hip-Hop from its inception.

The group was founded in 1964 by a man from Harlem named Clarence Smith aka Allah. He was a student of Malcolm X during Malcolm’s angry days.

Five Percenters aren’t Muslim but their name comes from Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam’s belief that 5% of humanity are “poor righteous teachers” who exist to enlighten the masses about existence.

They have their own Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet. Whites can never be Five Percenters as if you didn’t guess that.

Author Knight has a message for whites: “F-k white people Seriously. White people are devils.”


Jay-Z is not an active member of the Five Percent and apparently isn’t supposed to be wearing their medallion according to the Five Percent. However, he is Jay-Z and he’s been wearing it all over the place.


Jay-Z at Barclays with his medallion

Some of Jay-Z’s music have tied him to the occult and Satanic worship.  He’s also referred to the Five Percent in his rap music.

According to the Christian Post, he refused to mock Jesus on atheist Bill Maher’s show and has in the past said he believes in one God. The author of the Christian Post article believes he is just trying to find his way.

That’s fine but maybe he should stay away from the whole hate-whitey thing. It is not going to help him find truth.

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