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There are multiple ongoing attacks in Paris this Friday evening by radical Islamic terrorists.

There are multiple shooting locations, currently six, and there have been explosions. Paris is calling it a terrorist attack but Barack Obama doesn’t want to speculate. The attacks took place in the 10th and 11th districts in Central Paris.

The French president has closed the borders and called a state of emergency to stop those who launched the attack from escaping the country. Some terrorists have escaped from the original attack sites.

So far, thirty-nine to sixty people are dead according to some TV stations. Hundreds are wounded. A hundred or hundreds are reportedly being held hostage in a concert hall but that’s only a first report.

There are unconfirmed reports of automatic gunfire inside the concert hall (Bataclan theater). The survivors are being executed according to a report of someone inside the hall. Five explosions were heard inside the concert hall at about 6:25 EST. One person reported – unconfirmed – from inside that there is carnage inside and the killers are executing everyone one by one. The police are now storming the hall at 6:30 EST.

The people in the hall are young people attending a rock concert by an American rock band.

What is surprising is that the media is shocked. Why is it shocking when they are welcoming people in from terrorist nations?

There are an unknown number of gunmen. They are well-coordinated, well-armed with assault rifles and grenades.

Obama spoke this evening and called it “extremism.” He said the values of liberté, égalité and fraternité will persevere. Kerry tweeted the exact same thing. The situation is still unfolding and he hasn’t called Hollande because he’s busy. He doesn’t know who is responsible and he doesn’t want to speculate because there is live action as we speak.

People are calling it Paris’s 9/11 where the US lost almost 3,000 people. It was only yesterday that Mizzou rejected a 9/11 remembrance because they didn’t want to offend anyone.

How soon everyone has forgotten. We are inviting this horror into our country. We are letting refugees in without vetting them. We can’t vet them from failed states as our intelligence agencies have warned.

Some hostages are inside the concert hall and some are emerging but it’s unknown how they got out. They are covered in blood. The shooters were young, unmasked and shooting calmly. One yelled, “This is for Syria” and others shouted “Allahu Akbar”. As they reloaded, some escaped.

A dismembered body was found near one of the locations under assault – he was probably a suicide bomber. There were at least two suicide attacks and one bombing by or inside the stadium.

The restaurant and bar report indicated that masked men came in and started shooting. One of the attacks was inside or outside a stadium where the French president was watching a match and he appears to be the prime target at this time.


Americans might want to make note of the fact that ISIS and Al Qaeda promised to launch massive attacks against France, then the UK and finally the US via Inspire Magazine and other venues. We might keep that in mind as we keep our borders open.

Geraldo Rivera’s daughter was at the Paris stadium when the attacks began and he broke down on air. Ironically in  a sad way, he calls Islam the religion of peace. He’s a supporter.



7:00pm EST: The siege at the concert hall is over.

7:25pm EST: At least a hundred are dead.

7:55pm EST: 118 are dead in the concert hall and 158 in total so far according to the Paris Deputy Mayor Patrick Klugman. Four police officers died in the raid of the Bataclan theater.

8:25 pm EST: CNN is reporting that some gunmen are still on the loose. CNN is reporting that the slaughter in the Bataclan lasted 10 minutes. People were sending messages out from the theater begging police to come in because they were being executed one by one. The gunmen were said to be shooting those on the first floor from the balcony. Some escaped. There were at least 6 coordinated attacks.

9:30pm EST: Fox News reported that the gunmen were all dead or in custody. The police are now searching for accomplices and have the right to go into peoples’ homes and arrest without a warrant and only based on suspicion.

11:36pm EST: There are 200 wounded, 80 seriously. There were six locations affected. At least 120 were killed but many reports say 158 with 127 in the Bataclan. The attackers threw grenades into the crowd and executed hostages one by one.


8:49 am EST: There are Americans among the victims. ISIS claimed responsibility and said the attacks were in response to the bombings in Syria by France. A German arrested in Bavaria, where so many migrants have been resettled, is likely tied to the Paris attacks.

9:10 am EST: The Bataclan, were most of the slaughter took place has long been the site of anti-Semitic threats and protests. The owners are Jewish and have put on pro-Israel performances, according to the Times of Israel.

Protest by pro-Palestinians at Bataclan:

Syrian passports were found by the body of one terrorist. Hollande announced three days of mourning. Some had ties to Egypt and France.

France said is is an act of war by ISIS and they will hit back.

The American band members of Eagles of Death Metal are all safe but some of the crew are missing.

Barack Obama who called them extremists and said it was too soon to say who was behind the attacks has not spoken yet with this new found information. Yesterday he gave the interview claiming ISIS isn’t expanding.

In February Barack Obama told he thought the media was overhyping bloody acts of Islamic terrorism in places like Paris, Ottawa, New York City, Peshawar and Sydney. Obama said such attacks were “sexy.”

Obama also said in February that global warming is more of a threat than ISIS. His next address will be posted here.

In February, he said it was important for France and the EU to not respond with a “hammer”. However, the US struck at an ISIS leader in Libya. No word yet on the results.

A brother of a band member was interviewed:


During an interview prior to the attack, Barack Obama said he had ISIS contained. There are reports that the terrorists claimed to be ISIS.

11/14/15: 13:00: One of the suicide bombers in Paris was a Syrian who migrated from Syria through Greece on October 3rd. He likely passed other checkpoints. Read more here.

All were suicide bombers. A total of 129 are now dead and 325 are injured, 90 of the injured are in critical condition.

20:15: Information on the chilling warning from IS can be found here.


The French are thinking about invoking article 5 of NATO which would require all NATO members to do something.

At least five ISIS accounts talked about the attack before it took place. The attack was planned and premeditated and terrorists came in in February and March in preparation.

The goals of this attack were to terrorize the French people and rally them against the bombings of ISIS strongholds. The attack was also meant to divide the Middle Easterners in France from the others in the country. Seven-and-a-half percent of the French are of Middle Eastern descent.

ISIS is extremely effective.

Seven people detained in Belgium and an eighth terrorist suspect is on the loose while a manhunt is underway. The suspect’s name is Abdeslam Salah, 26.

Abdeslam Salah, 26, a Brussels native and a brother of one of the other terrorists.
Abdeslam Salah, 26, a Brussels native and a brother of one of the other terrorists.

The French are currently bombing Raqqa, the central command post of ISIS.



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Ari Ollikainen
Ari Ollikainen
7 years ago

Vive La France! Though me soul cries now for the victims of the Bloodbath, life goes on. I want to express my solidarity and my condoléances to France. Condoleances from Finland.

7 years ago

Nous sommes Français.
Nous n’avons pas peur.
Nous nous relevons chaque fois plus forts.
Nous nous batterons pour la liberté, la fraternité et l’égalité.
De la révolution en passant par la seconde guerre mondiale, nous avons toujours combattu les ennemis de notre liberté…Liberté chérie !
Vive la France, vive la laïcité, vive la liberté.

7 years ago

Is there some kind of petition to sign, some way to express solidarity with the people of Paris who are just trying to get on with their daily lives, and are now scared to go outside? I was living in New York on 9/11 so I have some understanding of the shock, confusion, anger and fear they might be feeling. We who live in democratic countries cannot let the terrorists win by not living out the freedom for which our ancestors paid dearly. We will not be intimidated. We will not curtail our freedoms. Je suis Paris. Ensemble, nous sommes Paris. Nous sommes libres. Nous ne serrons pas terrorises. (I am Paris. Together, we are Paris. We are free. We will not be terrorised.)

Yannis Hatzianastasiu
7 years ago

My condolences to the French people.

We are all together in this.

Civilization and peace must prevail.

And seeing some notes… let us not be racists.

Otherwise we shall become like the terrorists ourselves.

7 years ago

Keep letting these sand NIGGGERS in your country! Germany wake up your next! Thank mERKEL!
America we are not far behind! When it happens thank HUSSEIN obama!

7 years ago

You are sick of socialism because you prefer national socialism. Nazi, for short.

7 years ago
Reply to  Yannis_h

Sticks and stones yannis!
You sit and sing Kumbaya !
Sorry a few nasty words upset you!
The wholesale slaughter of innocent people upset me!
And they need a new word..racist has lost it’s sting, along with Nazi!

7 years ago

……And YES yannis!!!!
Ill take National socialism over Sharia any day!

7 years ago

This disgusting racism only adds fuel to the fire and helps to justify terrorism. Your comments make me feel nauseous.

7 years ago
Reply to  Lorraine

I ask…..
Which would you prefer?
Offended or Assaulted ?
I’m seeing Apples and Oranges!