Jeb Bush exploits a deadly hurricane to mock Trump & some random man


Jeb Bush, looking for attention, tweet-mocked a Floridian and Donald Trump as a deadly hurricane rages on and heads for Florida.

As predicted, Jeb was condemned for it by the Twitter leftists for not properly educating the youth. Others made fun of this poor random man he mocked, who is not a celebrity, just a Floridian with a Boston accent. There were insults against the President too, of course.

Low-energy Jeb’s a pretty nasty guy. He brought these nasty comments on solely to be nasty and he demonstrated his penchant for elitism.

There were people like a PPhilly guy who wrote, “Don’t laugh. There are 62 million just like him who also voted for Trump.”

And here are a few of the people who think it’s cute to make fun of some random guy:

“This is an Elmer Fud audition, weally, it wis,” says MIB.

“Trump University valedictorian 2010,” says BillyJ.

Aaron added, “When Massachusetts sends us its people, they’re not sending their best….”

A couple more:

“This dude belongs in the Trump administration. He’ll fit right in.”

“I thought Floridians liked to take their shotguns out on the beach, fire them in the air and scare the hurricane away.”

Others called the man stupid with flashing memes, angrily called him and all Trump supporterss idiots, and so on.

The Twitter sewer can easily bring out the worst in people thanks to the Jebs out there.

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