Jeff Flake Insults Cruz & Trump, Says It’s Anti-Semitic to Criticize Soros


Sen. Jeff Flake, the left-wing ‘Republican’, is a nasty, vengeful guy. Three days before the election, he appeared on Wolf Blitzer’s show to praise Obama, criticize Ted Cruz and the President, and he suggested criticism of George Soros is anti-Semitic.

He downplayed the “threat” posed to America by illegal immigration and blasted Sen. Ted Cruz for calling out his opponent who has supported illegal immigrants.

A Project Veritas undercover video appeared to show that Cruz’s opponent Robert Francis O’Rourke has been aiding illegal immigrants, possibly illegally.

Playing to the far-left nonsense that criticism of George Soros is anti-Semitic, Flake suggested Trump was after Soros because of his race because there is allegedly no evidence against him. Flake also condemned the President’s view of the FAKE media.

Who even thinks of Soros the atheist as Jewish? He’s just another control freak. Soros is criticized because of the things he does, not because he is Jewish.

As we reported earlier, Flake praised Barack Obama’s “tone”. He likes it much better than the President’s tone.


  1. I wish the media, even on line media like this would quit regurgitating what Flake says. He obviously has ego problems or he would not be commenting on everything just to seem relevant. He is a loser and quitter. No one cares what he says or thinks.

  2. Anyone who supports Soros is the anti semite, inasmuch as Soros helped send thousands of Hungarian Jews to Hitler’s death camps . What a freaking flake.

  3. If I were to see him in public, I’d be compelled to slap his face as well as give him eyes of daggers. He’d say anything when I was a kid we beat kids like him up, just saying never liked a suck a$$

  4. Flake speaks as if he runs Media Matters. He is full of leftist talking points. He is desperate for a lucrative media job.

    The party should, but will not, assess why it has allowed leftists to infiltrate. A reason is that the party has thwarted the candidacies of solid conservatives. Flake is more than just an accident.

    • I began wondering the same about the GOP when 43 (GWB) got in bed with Ted Kennedy enacting “No Child Left Behind” and signed McCain Feingold Act and indicated he would leave it up to the Supreme Court. Actually Republican politicians had been causing me a little anxiety for years but had not researched but After some research it was apparent. The Democrats and media had always been left politically for many years. Woodrow Wilson was far far left. He supported and loved the KKK. FDR was a Progressive without reservation but didn’t really disclose that publicly. The American Progressives revered what Hitler was accomplishing socially in Germany till the end of the war when the videos of the holocaust were available. The American Progressives wanted to eliminate the blacks instead of Jews. But it was avoided publicly to be too far left by politicians.

      After WWII the Democrat Party began embracing even more socialism. (moving farther left). Then Democrats who were not that far socialist started moving into the Republican Party calling themselves moderate or neoconservatives which moved it leftward away from its original roots but the moderate Republicans had to be careful not to make that public knowledge in the beginning. Now you have McCain and Flake not to mention other Republicans that call themselves moderate but for all practical purposes support lefty policies. Visit conservativereview (dot) com to see how Senators and Congressman/women vote as far as left or right. You will find Republicans that vote like some Democrats.

      But to continue… by 20 years after WWII the Democrat and Republican Party leadership behind closed doors had agreed to have basically same goals to move toward globalism however when party power changed the citizens would not know that the two parties were moving in same direction. A good read about this is “The Naked Capitalist” by Skousen.

      A Republican President (41) supported and signed (1992)The United Nations Agenda 21 Agreement which eliminated all ownership property rights and personal liberties. (New World Order) The UN published maps along with it showing where humans would NOT be allowed to live in USA. The reason it was called an Agreement instead of Treaty was treaties must be ratified by Senate. It also called for elimination of over 6 Billion people world wide. Nasty stuff.

      What I have written above is just basic but I suspect it gives you the idea. And shows why Trump is hated by leadership of Republican, Democrat and globalists. Trump upsets all the goals the political leadership and donors had for our country and the world.

      Repealing the 17th Amendment would transfer the power from DC back to the states as the founders had originally intended. It would also end the good ole girls and boys club in the Senate.

      Would welcome any comments or questions…

  5. George Soros has said he doesn’t identify as being Jewish, and he is still an unrepentant Nazi collaborator. Even the Israeli government has said criticizing Soros isn’t anti-Semitism.

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