Jeff Sessions “Is AG In Name Only, Absolutely Worthless”


Jason Chaffetz harshly criticized Jeff Sessions and many of us agree with him. He needs to go.

“Jeff Sessions is the attorney general in name only. He is absolutely worthless. The sooner the president names a new attorney general the better. He should never have recused himself. He didn’t need to in a counter-intelligence operation.”

“We have major systemic problems at the FBI and he is nowhere, nowhere on document production, nowhere on these things. I mean, you have Rod Rosenstein running the place. It’s time to get rid of Jeff Sessions, a long time ago. Should have never happened.”

President Trump agreed with Rep. Trey Gowdy, who said that POTUS was justified in being frustrated with Jeff Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the Russia probe and would have benefited from hiring someone else for the job.

Many of us really liked Jeff Sessions at first, but not in his current role. He’s barely a figurehead. What he did was terrible. After he accepted the job, he recused himself the next day I think — soon after in any case. He is mostly reponsible for this out of control investigation.

A biased Rod Rosenstein is the Attorney General and only the left wants him. We voted for Republicans, not the Democrats.


President Trump tweeted in response to Gowdy’s remarks. The left is characterizing these tweets as insane, therefore, I must be insane. They make sense to me and if this were happening to Democrats, they’d feel the same.

Sessions is absolutely worthless. He was good in Congress. He should run for that office once again.



  1. It’s a clear setup from the start going back to confirmation, recusal, present day obstruction, full support for RR/JM. The relevant issue with Sessions is when/how to remove him. His participation in the coverups and therefore coup are undeniable. He disgraced himself permanently, has no chance of recovery.

    But, there is no place for loudmouth Gowdy to speak on behalf of Trump, or to insert himself into the Sessions betrayal situation. Gowdy has said so many conflicting things in his performances.

  2. Anyone else around in the 50s ‘n 60s? Remember how the left totally hated Hoover and the FnBI? Word was….Hoover had something on may….keeping some from functioning as they might like.
    Now the left controls (like most everything else) the FnBI. Bet they’ve been getting info on ALL O’Bama era “enemies,” etc.
    So….what might they have on Sessions, that would keep him from going after the bad guys?
    Gowdy….for eight years….out in front of the cameras….blowin’ sushine up our knickers….gonna get the fast ‘n furious bad guys….gonna get justice on Benghazi……Va scandal……nail the IRS vermin.
    Question….anyone remember ANYONE getting nailed by Gowdy (or anyone else)?

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