Jeff Sessions Lights Up the Crowd By Mocking Russia-Obsessed Democrats


Jeff Sessions mocked Russia-Obsessed Democrats at a Federalist Society convention Friday night, drawing laughter from the audience.

It’s good to see the Russia witch hunt hasn’t affected his sense of humor as he mocked Democrats.

“Is Ambassador Kislyak in the room?,” Sessions joked, as he began a speech at the Federalist Society’s 2017 National Lawyers Convention in Washington.

“Any Russians?” he continued, drawing laughs from the audience. “Umm … anybody been to Russia? Got a cousin in Russia or something?”

He was thinking of himself, not Trump, when he made his comments. The Democrats have dragged him through the mud without any evidence over his having met Ambassador Kislyak and having little memory of it.

Democrats keep harping on his having said he had no communications with Russians when he apparently met the Russian ambassador. Sessions responded by saying, “My response was according to the way I heard the question. I certainly didn’t mean I had never met a Russian in the history of my life.”

Some stood up clapping as the audience roared in laughter.

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