Jeffrey Epstein Reportedly Kept a Detailed Diary of Rich & Famous Pervs


Jeffrey Epstein’s strange death is about to become more complicated if the latest report is true.

Allegedly, there is a diary, naming potential predators, elites from around the world, according to the Mirror.

“He used his wealth to buy buddies and then bestow his money on those he courted,” the source said.

“Jeff knew his relationships with the rich and famous brought him protection. He kept a diary in meticulous detail in case he ever needed it.”

The diary was described as an “insurance policy” by the source.

It was brought to public attention after lawyers for some of Epstein’s alleged victims received a statement from Prince Andrew of the British royal family.


The diary is said to contain details about the prince and other members of the royal family, among other wealthy, famous people.

Epstein did have a black book of phone numbers of many acquaintances of the millionaire, including Bill Clinton and others. Epstein’s people called it the “holy grail.”

It stands to reason he would keep a diary. During his last meeting with his lawyer, he said he was ready to make a deal.

It’s just one report so far.

Lawyer Jack Scarola represents some of Epstein’s alleged victims, and he is pressing forward for truth and justice despite Epstein’s death.

“There is little doubt victims who have not yet come forward have information that will help bring Epstein’s co-conspirators, enablers, recruiters, and fellow traffickers to justice,” Scarola said.

“Our efforts to achieve that goal, which have already gone on for a dozen years, will not stop. Our clients will not rest easy until all of those who participated in Epstein’s crimes are brought to justice — no matter their past or current station in life”

It would be great to see the predators brought to justice.

“One former congressman said there are a lot of people ‘breathing a huge sigh of relief’ now Jeff is dead. They should hold their breath for a long time to come,” the source said.

“It ain’t over.”


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