Jeffrey Epstein Thought Someone Was Trying to Kill Him


According to The Washington Post, Jeffrey Epstein said someone tried to kill him two weeks ago when it was reported he was found semi-conscious after trying to kill himself. He was put on suicide watch and then taken off because there was no indication he was suicidal.

This morning he was found hanging in his cell and rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead.

According to The Post:

People close to Epstein, noting that he seemed recently to be in good spirits, were surprised by reports of suicide, according to one person familiar their discussions early Saturday, and expressed concern about the possibility of foul play. His attorneys are seeking to learn from authorities how Epstein’s body was found and how such an incident could have occurred, this person said…

…That Epstein was being held in the detention center’s special housing unit would mean he was subject to a higher level of security, though it was not immediately clear whether he was in a cell alone.

Authorities said there were no early indications of foul play, but the probe has a long way to go.

Attorney General Bill Barr was “livid” and “appalled” that this took place.

The Daily Mail reported that he told prison guards and other inmates someone tried to kill him. The source told them Epstein seemed to be in good spirits.

“There was no indication that he might try to take his own life,” the source told.

It’s odd that Epstein didn’t know what happened to him. Who knows what his state of mind was really. He’s the type of slug who would just say it to mess with us and a lot of suicidal people are in good spirits once they decide to commit suicide.

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