Spineless Jellyfish Lindsey Demands Yet Another Apology


“Free speech is a great idea, but we’re in a war.” ~ Lindsey Graham


Lindsey Graham, a GOP relic who has never sent an email in his life, now wants Dr. Ben Carson to apologize for saying he wouldn’t support a Muslim for president because Islam is inconsistent with the U.S. Constitution.

Ben Carson is unfit to be president for [because of] his statement Sunday that Islam is inconsistent with the U.S. Constitution, tweeted the totally unfit Lindsey Graham.

Lindsey tweets

When Trump recently failed to correct a man at a town hall event who said Obama was a Muslim, Lindsey Graham wanted Trump to apologize too.

Maybe Graham should apologize to Carson for being a traitor to his fellow Republicans or to Trump supporters for slandering them and to Trump for threatening to beat him up.

During an appearance on CNN, Graham slandered Trump supporters as being a bunch of racist, xenophobic birthers; he also threatened to “beat his brains out” if Trump actually went to South Carolina.

I’d like to see the two of them locked in a room and see who comes out in one piece.

Graham should also apologize to Republicans for being a media pawn.


MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked Graham whether the real estate mogul should apologize for letting a voter’s claim that Obama was Muslim go unchallenged at a Thursday campaign stop.

“Yes. He should come on television. Say ‘I made a mistake,'” Graham said. “We all make mistakes. He’s new to this business.”

How generous of him to say, I say with a touch of irony.

Graham himself said something similar only it was about Iranians. He said he knew they were “lying.” He must be a racist!

Following Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s congressional address on the Iranian nuclear negotiations, Graham said at a private fundraiser, “Did you see Nancy Pelosi on the floor? Complete disgust. If you can get through all the surgeries, there’s disgust.”

Pelosi was behaving badly during the speech, making faces, pretending she was about to cry.

There were demands for an apology and of course he did. “I made a poor attempt at humor to talk about her reaction and for that I apologize,” he said.

Maybe Graham should apologize to Ron Paul for calling him a “threat to America” or to Trump for calling him a “jackass.” Where do you draw the line on apologies once you start?

Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois apologized to Graham once for calling him a “bro with no ho.”

I don’t understand why he apologized when it’s  true.

One of the things people like about Trump is he doesn’t apologize. Get with the program Lindsey! We are sick of lily-livered PC panderers.

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6 years ago

He is clearly fit to be Commander in Chief because an understanding of the enemy is paramount.

tony arnold
tony arnold
6 years ago

yes lindsey —-we have your ticket back to your peanut farm ;;;;;;;;;then you can play in your dirt and maybe burry your head.