Jersey City war zone! Shootout ends in several deaths, including a beloved officer


A grocery city robbery in Jersey City, New York turned into a standoff between the police and heavily armed criminals. It was an awful scene that lasted much of the day and ended with an officer and innocent bystanders dead. It turned the streets into a war zone.

Officer Joe Seals, a 15-year veteran of the force and a detective, was killed. He was a husband and the father of five children and, by all accounts, was a good cop. He came upon bad guys as he was trying to interdict guns. It is believed that he was ambushed.

“Our hearts to out to him. We believe that he was killed while trying to interdict these bad guys,” Police Chief Michael Kelly said.

Officer Joe Seals

Along with Officer Seals, several other people were killed, including two gunmen.

Forward says five Jews and a beloved police detective were murdered. The two gunmen were also killed.

The shootout took place in at least three locations.

The gun laws are very strict in New York but the extremists are demanding stricter gun laws as a result of this tragedy.

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