Jesse Jackson Jr. Championing A Dictatorship



Jesse Jackson Jr. is famous for wanting Obama’s Senate seat. It was being sold by Gov. Blagojevich at the time. Jesse Jr. is also famous as the son of Rev. Jesse Jackson, who marched with MLK Jr.

Junior’s political philosophy is far left.

He wants another $800 billion Stimulus to bailout all the cities and hire every unemployed person for a year or five.

He invited Obama to circumvent Congress to get it done, saying that Obama should exercise extraordinary Constitutional means because the Congress is in rebellion.

He is ignoring the fact that the House was voted in by the people to stop the government spending. If Congress doesn’t agree with a far left philosophy, they are in rebellion, according to Junior’s way of thinking.

Junior wants the President to call a National Emergency and do whatever he wants. Jesse claimed Obama should use whatever Constitutional means are available, not seeming to know that it is impossible to circumvent the Constitution at the same time you are claiming you are using Constitutional methods. At least it’s not possible in the real world.

Since Junior wants the President to pass a Stimulus without going through Congress, why don’t we put him in charge so we can lose all our freedoms right away. Let’s be done with it. Why put us through any more torture.


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