Jesse Jackson Jr Reportedly Faces Significant Jail Time in Plea Deal

Jesse Jackson Jr
Jesse Jackson Jr

Jesse Jackson Jr, who has been under investigation for misuse of campaign funds, has signed off on a plea deal. He “disappeared” shortly after being re-elected and turned up in rehab for substance abuse problems and a mood disorder.

The deal will require him to repay the thousands he pilfered. It is said that he is facing significant jail time in a federal prison.

Several years ago, he was involved in the Blogojevich scheme to sell Senator Barack Obama’s senate seat. Jackson was never indicted but his aide could be heard on the phone taps discussing it as a possibility for Jesse Jackson Jr.

A second probe has been launched against his wife and it is being reported that she feels she was thrown under the bus as part of this deal. Authorities are questioning the legitimacy of the monthly consultant fees she received from the congressional campaign of her husband Jesse Jackson Jr.

He did it to himself but I can’t help but feel sorry for him and anyone who was born into a legacy and then frittered it away.

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