Jesse Watters Takes a Sudden Vacation After Attack by Leftist Lawyer Who Brought Down O’Reilly


Lisa Bloom, the new Gloria Allred.

Lisa Bloom, the lawyer who helped bring down O’Reilly, is threatening Jesse Watters over harmless jokes. She tweeted that she brought O’Reilly down and he – Watters – might be next. The left is empowered after the fall of Bill O’Reilly and the rise of the Progressive left on Fox News.

One of Bloom’s clients is the black woman who works at Fox News and said O’Reilly called her “hot chocolate”, adding, “umm.”

Oh wow, and they didn’t put O’Reilly in front of a firing squad?

The immediate excuse Bloom is using to go after Watters is a hand gesture he made on “The Five” when he talked about Ivanka holding up a microphone to her mouth while speaking in Germany. Bloom says it was sexual innuendo and he was demeaning women She says that because she has a dirty mind.

How does she know what his thoughts were? Is she the new thought police? She should be sued for slander.

Watters said he didn’t mean anything sexual, but on Wednesday he announced that he was taking a family vacation until Monday. The move came just three days after his show began airing in a new high-profile time slot, the NY Times wrote.

That’s not a good sign.

WaPo put out a fake news story about Jesse Watters being Fox News’s next “headache”. WaPo added that he showed “stunningly bad judgement”.

By now, people realize that the Progressive Murdoch brothers have “overthrown” their own network and it wouldn’t be a bit surprising if they got rid of every right-leaning host and employee for some trumped up reason. They’re getting ready for their globalist network. They are buying Sky News.

These are the two tweets from this foul-minded woman.

Lisa Bloom is the lawyer representing three of the women with vapid, unsupported accusations against Bill O’Reilly. Bloom is the new Gloria Allred, going after right-wing men.

Whenever the left wants to get rid of the right-leaning men, they accuse them of abusing women.

She’s thrilled about Steinem’s support. Ugh!

This next clip is the segment many on the left think should get Jesse Watters fired. It’s harmless. Only a sick mind would read into this. They see race and sexual perversion everywhere because that’s who they are. Watters is such an upright man. This is really ridiculous.

Leftist purveyor of fake news Lawrence O’Donnell took great pleasure in seeing Bill O’Reilly destroyed in only 18 days. He can’t even relate accurate information. He claimed Fox gave $9 million in a settlement to one of two original complainants 12 years ago but that’s not accurate.

Bill O’Reilly paid $9 million out of $13 million in five lawsuits over 13 years with Fox paying the remainder. That’s not what O’Donnell says because he gets very little correct.

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