Jesus Portrait in Ohio School Comes Down

Despised by Atheists
Despised by Atheists

The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio and the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which represent the two parents and a student in a Jackson City school district, sued the school district for hanging a painting of Jesus Christ in their hallways.

The painting has been hanging in the school since 1947 and was not meant as a government endorsement of any religion, but was a private student speech displayed in a “limited public forum.”

The school made the decision to voluntarily take the painting down after their insurer denied coverage. They couldn’t take a chance of having taxpayers on the hook for the legal expenses if they lost the case.

The owners of the painting are the Hi-Y club who might sue.

The community wanted to keep the painting but two people were able to have it removed. The majority had to cede to two people.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation is a heavily-funded Atheist organization. Its members deny being a hate organization.

The Superintendent had asked the ACLU to sit down and speak with the district administrators about the painting but they filed a lawsuit instead.

Jesus cannot be considered in any context even though he was an historical figure and a great leader because it constitutes an endorsement of one religion by the government. Following along with this logic, all paintings of historical figures who have any religious affiliation must be removed. Certainly, all paintings of Martin Luther King Jr. must be removed immediately. I’d love to see them try that.

According to the school’s website, Hi-Y is a service organization that believes leadership develops by connecting meaningful community service with personal and group growth, civic responsibility, community building, and reflection. Hi-Y’s focus is to teach students the importance of character, leadership, and service. For more information, visit Hi-Y.

Full story at the Columbus Dispatch

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