U.S. Org Wants U.S. Taxpayers to Pay Palestinian Authority’s Unpaid Hospital Bills


The Jewish News Service reported a bizarre appeal from an American Jewish organization, the American Jewish Committee (AJC). They want the U.S. taxpayer to cover the Palestinian Authority’s unpaid bills at a Jerusalem hospital.

There is no end to the way we can waste our money – our borrowed money.

The news service wrote: At the beginning of 2014, the hospital was more than $19 million in the red due to “non-payment of fees for patients that are referred to the hospital by the Palestinian Authority,” according to a Lutheran World Federation press release, which added that the PA “pledged to pay for the treatment of these patients but it has not been able to uphold its commitments.” At the end of that year, the PA made a payment of $263,000 and left the remaining $16.6 million unpaid.

The Lutheran foundation asked the Jewish committee to lobby Congress and other U.S. officials and they have been.

To recap, The Palestinian Authority, who hate the U.S. and Israel, don’t pay their bills and that’s the problem of the U.S. taxpayer.

Members of Congress are currently reviewing the question of U.S. aid to the PA, which has ranged from $100 million to $500 million annually since 1994 because the PA is paying imprisoned terrorists and the families of deceased terrorists. Perhaps Congress should include a proviso that the PA pay the hospital bill. Just an idea.

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