Jewish Tombstone Damage Wasn’t Caused by Donald Trump as Schumer Thinks


Charles Schumer and his other leftist buddies have suddenly been touting the alleged increase in vandalism of Jewish Centers, cemeteries, houses of worship. He needs to apologize for spreading fake news.

The overturned tombstones in a Brooklyn Jewish cemetery wasn’t the result of vandalism. It was caused by the environment.

Maybe Trump caused the environment to affect this cemetery. That has to be it.

Authorities have determined that tombstones disturbed at a historic Jewish cemetery in New York this weekend were damaged by environmental causes and not by vandalism.

A New York City Police Department hate-crime task force had been investigating whether the damage to the granite and marble tombstones at Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn was intentional.
The task force concluded its investigation on Sunday, finding that the cause was environmental, which can include soil erosion and lack of maintenance, CNN reported.

CNN then continued on with the story claiming all the other complaints of anti-Jewish vandalism were legitimate.

Where were these people when the Jewish students at UC Davis and other universities were being abused?

Don’t worry CNN, eventually you loons will find the one crazy Trump supporter who will do something unkind to a Jewish person somewhere.

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