Jews Silenced at Linda Sarsour’s Iftar Street Protest for Open Borders


The hard-left and the radical Islamists outshout, threaten, and block protesters with whom they disagree on a regular basis. Seldom do we see the police stop them. However, when the radical anti-Semite Linda Sarsour held a loud Ramadan Iftar in the streets of New York City, the NYPD had a warning for the Jewish group protesting.

“You make a sound, you will be removed”.

The Iftar was held in defense of open borders according to their Facebook page:

We’re standing in solidarity with communities across the country hosting #iftarinthestreets! Muslims and allies will gather and break fast in support for immigrant communities who are under attack … outside ICE headquarters, at Foley Square …  #iftarinthestreets for Immigrant Justice!” [Face Book]

Leftist Jews were allowed to participate in the Iftar, which they did, because leftist Jews are leftists before they are Jews.


The Geller Report has photos. The radicals had signs demanding no deportations, no wall, just one big open country for anyone to pour in and soak up the freebies or sell drugs or anything else they might want to do.

There didn’t seem to be much of a crowd but this anti-American Sarsour does have tremendous power and and heavy financing. She wants Sharia in America. That in essence is calling for the downfall of America but don’t say anything or you will be removed.

We will be Britain soon.

The leftist Brits just imprisoned Tommy Robinson within a few hours of the arrest with no due process because he was live-streaming outside the court where child rapists — radical Islamists — are on trial. They falsely claimed he violated probation.

Britain is over.

If the silencing of the opposition in the USA continues, our nation will be just as extreme in no time.

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