Jihadi John Identified But It’s Not His Fault He’s Beheading People



The Washington Post believes Jihadi John – the ISIS state executioner – has been identified and it’s not the suspected rapper.

Mohammed Emwazi, pictured above, a 26-year old middle class Londoner with a computer programming degree, is Jihadi John. The Independent identified Emwazi as Muhammad ibn Muazzam, an alias.

He’s not poor and he has not lived in poverty.

He had been targeted by London spy officials for years for trips he made to the Middle East and Africa, and, for his part, he told family and friends he was very upset that he was being criminalized though he had not done anything wrong.


He was involved in one situation that ended with him and his friends being deported from the Netherlands after visiting Somalia.

court document

Prior to Jihadi John’s disappearance, British intelligence kept Emwazi from returning to his birthplace of Kuwait to take a programming job and a wife – supposedly – not likely.

Jihadi John wanted out of London and ended up in Syria, eventually joining ISIS according to friends.

Muslim groups are blaming Britain for radicalizing him.

If it’s not poverty, it’s the good guys fault.

According to the Cage director (British advocacy group) Asim Qureshi,  “Jihadi John” is “extremely kind, extremely gentle”. He also said the Washington Post misquoted him. He doesn’t know for sure that he is Jihadi John. His neighbors are shocked too – he was a good boy.


via the Muslim Issue

More info at the bbc


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