Jihadist Who Plotted to Bomb 30 London Sites Had 2 Taxpayer-Funded Homes


Muhammad Abid, 27, wanted to bomb Big Ben even though he greatly benefitted from the largesse of the Brits. He had two council houses, one for his wife and one for himself. Being she was ‘independent’, he was also able to receive taxpayer funds to care for her.

Even though she lived apart, he said she was anxious and depressed and needed the taxpayer money to take care of her.

There is a shortage of housing in London but at least we know the jihadists are cared for in London.

He only received a four year, three-month sentence for not reporting his own plot. Abid actually plotted to bomb 30 sites across London.

Abid and two other men were trying to brainwash children as young as 11 to do their bidding.

The 27-year-old hoped to train the kids to drive cars ‘like Mujahideen’ and to arm them so they could target famous sites, including Big Ben, Heathrow Airport, and Westfield shopping centre.

He looks like a fine, upstanding Brit.


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