Jim Acosta Cagily Rewords Trump’s Tweet to Make Him Look Bad


Jim Acosta

CNN reporter Jim Acosta has been pushing the Democratic Party agenda since before President Trump and after. Since Trump’s nomination, Acosta and singled Trump out for attacks on a daily basis, many of the attacks are dishonest. Trump has in turn called Acosta “fake news” Acosta’s even been called out by his own colleagues.

At one presser, Acosta continually and obnoxiously interrupted to find out why all pressers were no longer going to be televised. He had the answer but wanted to embarrass the administration. His colleagues even tore into him for his rudeness.

At another presser, Acosta accused the President of spreading fake news when he claimed 3 or 4 intel agencies, not 17, accused Russia of trying to interfere in U.S. elections. Yet it was the NY Times and the AP who corrected prior stories claiming it was 17 when it was 3 or 4.

That takes us to Sunday

President Donald Trump took to social media early Sunday to criticize the purveyors of fake news, saying their “fraudulent reporting”  is bad for democracy.

CNN’s senior White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, responded to Trump’s post by conflating his fake news network as the whole of “American news media” as bad for our democracy. Obviously the President wasn’t talking about all media.

More fake news

CNN is often the fake news media, pushing the left-wing agenda and doing their best to damage Trump.

Right-wing reporter Mike Cernovich called him out.

CNN’s Brian Stelter entertained the Washington Post executive editor Len Downie on his show, Reliable Sources, who said the media should stop using the term “anonymous sources” and switch to “confidential sources”. The reason, Downie said, is because MSM knows who the sources are.

Downie explained, “I prefer to call them confidential sources.” He added that people offering information are afraid for their jobs.  While all that may be true, this is just a way to change the terminology, to deflect from folks’ anger at “anonymous” sourcing.

It’s also another way to communicate fake news by making it sound authentic. So expect to see more fake news and a lot of “confidential” sourcing.

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