Jim Carrey Says Dems Have to “Stop Apologizing”, Embrace Socialism


Now that Canadian-born Socialist Jim Carrey has made his money, he is promoting socialism for the rest of us. In an appearance on Bill Maher’s HBO show, guest Jim Carrey, and Maher claimed Republicans are trying to “scare” Americans with the word ‘socialism’.

These two were discussing the mid-terms and candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Maher said Trump’s election made “the Democrats rediscover who they are.”

These idiots don’t seem to realize that Socialists can’t be liberal when they taking all your money and redistributing it. It is in direct conflict with our Constitution.

Carrey falsely claimed Canada’s healthcare is great. He seems to think it shows the government cares.

I personally know doctors who left Canada to get away from their healthcare. In any case, it’s impossible to compare a country of 37 million to one with 327 million.

We already have nearly 36 percent of Americans on federal welfare benefits, and that doesn’t count the state benefits. Far more get those. Another 47 percent of Americans don’t pay any federal taxes, burdening the other 53 percent of Americans.

Once health and education benefits are counted, real per capita social welfare in the United States is larger than in almost all other countries. The only nation that spends more is Norway.

Currently, we are inviting the poorest, least educated and most malleable foreigners to come into the United States to live off the productive members of our society. How do these people think that is going to end?


Remember the Newsweek cover, “We Are All Socialists Now”? They were serious. Even Al Sharpton said, people knew when they “voted for Barack Obama, they voted for socialism.”

They don’t want Americans to be afraid of it, but it has literally not worked anywhere in the world.

Democrats, more and more, are admitting they are Socialists. And they want more, ignoring what is going on in true Socialist nations.

The free health care they want in New York will cost the entire New York budget.

As host Bill Maher again complained that Democrats do not have a message to defend themselves over being called “socialists,” Carrey jumped in to fully advocate for Democrats running openly as socialists.

Carrey: “We have to say yes to socialism — to the word and everything. We have to stop apologizing.”


The report came via Newsbusters

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Dissolve SCCA
4 years ago

Why are the stupid words of this clown even printed?

Marsha Frey
Marsha Frey
4 years ago

Carrey is Canadian, grew up under Canadian socialism – he has no idea of what free thought created our Republic and doesn’t have a true understanding of a Republic. End of story – the idiot is a failure no matter which Country he’s trying to influence.

4 years ago

Carrey went off the rails DECADES ago! I’m not sure I’d want him as a spokesman for MY causes!

Dan Gallo
4 years ago

Jim Carrey may be talented, but, when it comes to economics, he’s dumber than a box of rocks. I will say this, though: The fact that Bill Maher’s show is on the air, in this country, proves just how free our press really is, and that’s a good thing, right?

4 years ago

He really needs to lay off the bad drugs and get some good drugs, or just get a reality check.