Jim Comey Directed Strzok to Make Russia a Top Priority Over the Hillary Probe


Jim Comey ordered Peter Strzok to make the Russia interference investigation the priority over the Hillary email investigation.

FBI Agent Peter Strzok testified Thursday that the former FBI Director Jim Comey directed him to focus on the Russian election interference investigation over Hillary Clinton’s misuse of classified information.

That’s a bombshell if true.

His comments were in response to Rep. Jerry Nadler asking why he prioritized the Russia investigation.

“The first reason I did it is because the director told me to,” Strzok said, referring to Comey, “The director said it was our top priority.”

“When you look at an allocation of resources based on the threat to national security, the Russia influence investigations were of much greater impact than a mishandling of classified information investigation,” Strzok said.

Nadler asked him if the “first reason was the director told you to.”

Strzok said it was.


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