Jim Comey Is a Member of the Resistance Who Colluded with Lynch on Other Occasions


Jim Comey is a member of the Resistance and there is evidence forthcoming showing he colluded with Loretta Lynch on other occasions.

The man who never required notes be taken during Hillary Clinton’s testimony, took copious notes when he met with Donald Trump. He let Clinton off the hook despite the fact that she was obviously guilty in the email scandal and probably with the Clinton Foundation. This same man wouldn’t let the public know Trump was not the subject of the Russia investigation. The media knew all this and refused to report it.

Jim Comey also colluded with Loretta Lynch and called the Clinton email case a “matter” as the Clinton campaign requested.

More evidence of collusion is going to come out according to Circa News.

John Solomon of Circa News told Sean Hannity last night that there were other meetings between James Comey and Loretta Lynch and they are going to come to light in the coming weeks.

I think there is probably more interest that should be focused on James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch after what we heard today. And I am hearing tonight that Comey may have had other meetings with Lynch that are going to come to light in the next few weeks.”

How many leaks is Jim Comey responsible for? There are many that appear to have come from the FBI.

Comey leaked unethically, perhaps illegally

Comey, in testimony to the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, said his decision to have his memos shared publicly came after Trump tweeted last month that Comey had “better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!”

However, that isn’t exactly true. Comey leaked details of his private dinner to the NY Times on March 11th.

Comey added that because his writings were unclassified he felt he could share them but didn’t want to do it personally with the media. “I was worried it would be like feeding seagulls at the beach,” he told senators.

He’s a snowflake.

Later in the hearing, Comey said, he wanted his memo released because “I thought it might prompt the appointment of a special counsel.” The day after, it was announced that former FBI Director Bob Mueller would become special counsel.

He leaked privileged information to manipulate the law.

There are questions about the legality and the ethics of the Comey leaks. Jay Sekulow wrote: Fired FBI Director Comey just admitted under oath that he had a privileged memo leaked to the media. He testified that he did so to manipulate the situation and force the appointment of a Special Counsel. It’s clear Comey is part of the Resistance. He is intentionally undermining the President. He is a leaker.

Media knew Trump was not the subject of the investigation and refused to report it

Multiple sources knew Donald Trump was not the subject of the FBI Russia investigation and the press willfully refused to report it. The media is only anti-Trump.

Trump’s attorneys are filing complaints against Comey over the leak. Comey will have some problems.

Comey is a hypocrite who railed against others who leaked.

Comey’s close friend of 30 years, Daniel Richman is politically left

The friend who gave former director Jim Comey’s leaked memos to the NY Times is Daniel Richman, a former prosecutor and a professor at Columbia. Richman worked with Comey at the university in 2013 when he held a brief research post and has consulted with the DoJ.

Daniel Richman

Richman’s twitter feed is sprinkled with left-wing retweets and he is no friend to Trump. He is an avid friend of the technocrat elite.



  1. Comey apparently a major swamp dweller. Proved to be a good place for President Trump to start the whole draining procedure.

  2. I sent Jim Comey an Email way back when telling him to play it straight in his investigation and prosecution of Hillary in regard to classified documents. Obviously he paid no attention.

  3. This is a good write up from the Market Ticker, it hits the nail on the head………………………………….. Nowhere is this more corrosive than at the highest levels of the Federal Government and when the AG of the United States attempts to rig an election by interfering with an investigation that should have, and would have, forced Hillary to withdraw a year or more prior to the election you have a serious problem.That was a blatant and outrageous attempt to coronate someone. It failed, but those who tried it, including Comey and Lynch, need to rot in ****ing prison. Until and unless that investigation happens, in the open, and is run into the ground there is exactly no reason for you to show any respect to the law, to the cops, to the FBI, to the government, to anyone who claims “authority.” The law either applies to everyone and is enforced evenly against all or it deserves no deference or respect by anyone.

  4. Could we please stop calling violent, lawless Fascists “the Resistance?” It’s irrelevant what moniker they label themselves; by repeating their lies you help them own the language and by proxy help their agenda. They’re Hive members, drones….what are THEY resisting? It’s those of us outside their Hive who are resisting THEM! We will NOT be assimilated and OUR resistance is NOT futile!

  5. How about we call them “Thugs” recently beaten to death by the supposedly old farts assembling
    peacefully to show their respect for the President of the U.S. of America…..or maybe “thugs” recently thrown from the 4th floor window of a classroom when they attempted to interfere with a lecture given by a professor to vets going to school on the G.I. bill???
    How about we call them “Inmates of Fed Prison”???
    Or we could call them bullies who are now taking a long nap?
    We are hiring Gomer Pyle to announce: “SURPRISE, SURPRISE, FELLOWS!!” and then Gomer will hit the deck as instructed to avoid the M-60 spray of death. Semper Fi you punks.

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