Jim Comey Is Being Sued for Mass Civil Liberties Violations


Suing Jim Comey for mass civil liberties abuses

A former intelligence contractor walked out of the FBI with hundreds of intelligence documents. They are the evidence in his lawsuit against Jim Comey and others in the administration for covering up mass civil liberties violations against Americans.

His documentation shows that he unmasked more than 20 million Americans, a total of 600 million documents that would reach 30 miles high if they were stacked up. Everything was unmasked, peoples’ finances, mortgages, phone conversations, everything. The agent didn’t want to do it and the FBI would not investigate.

The agent, Dennis Montgomery, says Jim Comey knew, Robert Mueller knew.

Mr. Montgomery has been given immunity and the documents have been turned over to the FBI. The case is now in the hands of the courts.

Listen to the interview clip. Former top intelligence agents and President Obama are named in the lawsuit. Much of this is being unraveled by CircaNews.com.


The Circa investigative lawyers, John Solomon and Sarah Carter appeared on ‘Hannity’ last evening.

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