Jim Comey Travels to Iowa to Stand in a Cornfield While Under Probe


Former FBI Director James Comey is under investigation for his handling of memos and classified information. That was confirmed during today’s hearings with IG Horowitz, and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

It’s interesting since the Inspector General report was out on Thursday and it was all bad news for Comey. Yet he went to Iowa and had a photo taken of him in a cornfield. Some suggest he’s going for an insanity defense.

One would never know Comey’s in trouble.

Andrew McCabe took the Fifth because he is under criminal complaint. Peter Strzok will testify to clear his name but he’s starting out with half the nation hating him so lots of luck Pete.

There were a couple of interesting takeaways. If anyone believes Christopher Wray, the FBI Director said he doesn’t believe Mueller is on a witch hunt. Don’t take that to the bank.

The IG stated the obvious that they weren’t confident Peter Strzok was free from bias.

Horowitz confirmed what he wrote in the report — Comey clearly departed from FBI and department norms.

Lindsey Graham said he’s not buying that the Clinton probe was on the up and up. Most of the country agrees.

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