Jim Crow Dartmouth Offers Free Skiing to People of Color ONLY


Dartmouth College is offering students free skiing lessons this winter – as long as those students are not white. They did it in secret and were “surprised” that Campus Reform got hold of the information.

Three “POC Ski Days” are scheduled this term, inviting “self-identified” students of color to ski for free. It is not clear whether the university is funding the trip or whether it is being funded in some other way.

An email promoting the event says attendees receive free ski lessons, transportation, and equipment.

The events are not advertised anywhere but it is a school program promoting segregation. It’s free only according to the color of a person’s skin.

The event organizer, Dartmouth Assistant Director for Leadership and Experiential Education Tracie Williams, confirmed to Campus Reform that POC Ski Days are “university sponsored” events, and are, specifically, functions of the Outdoor Programs Office’s People of Color Outside Group, a student group called “Black Girls are Magic,” the school’s athletics department, and the Dartmouth Skiway.

She also confirmed the skiing for free was only for “self-identified” students of color, but anyone can show up since it’s in a public space.

The organizer also expressed surprise that Campus Reform “got ahold [sic] of this event information,” calling it “interesting” and asking how Campus Reform obtained knowledge of the event.

What’s next? They are essentially making people of color superior to whites in their messaging. This is an allegedly elite Ivy League school. It’s more of the hard-left lie that whites are somehow privileged.

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